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OXO Good Grip 9" Stainless Steel Tongs

OXO 9" Good Grip Stainless Steel Tongs

When using the UPAN, turning the sausages to just the right position is essential. With the U-shaped channels being the width of the sausage you need to have the right tongs for the job.

We highly recommend the OXO Good Grip 9” Stainless Steel Tongs. These are made from 19 gauge brushed stainless steel, have stainless springs and rivets and are of a sturdy construction. The pull tab locking means easy opening and closing when you need it. 

Their design will give you complete control when turning the sausages and the stainless heads will withstand hot elements and burners as well as being dishwasher safe.

The 19 gauge stainless steel is thick enough not to cut the sausage skins meaning no split skins, keeping all the juices and flavour inside the sausage.

The OXO Good Grip 9" tongs will provide a lifetime of use and we consider them the best tongs on the market, using these tongs along with the UPAN will ensure you get the best results, we highly recommend them for use with the UPAN 

  • 19 Gauge (0.96mm) all stainless construction including springs and rivets
  • Non slip handle grips (GoodGrip)
  • Pull tab locking
  • Dishwasher safe

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