What a find.

"Very clever I have been looking for something like this for a while well impressed"

Stephen M

United Kingdom

Best sausages ever!

"Very easy to use and cooks sausages to perfection. Browned sausages and full of flavour compared with other methods of cooking"

Nicholas D

United Kingdom

Sausage Perfection

"Very much enjoy using my UPAN and is used all the time... cooks sausages perfectly..."

Stephen J

New Zealand

A necessity!

"At last I don’t have to balance my sausages on each other or the side of the pan. This is the best idea!! Buy one for your kitchen and ease for sausage cooking."

Fiona Z.


Loving the upan

"Works as advertised, so much easier now to cook those sausages. Cooked on an induction hotplate, no problems."

Christine E


UPAN is Fantastic

"I love this. It cooks sausages and meatballs to perfection and I love the way it keeps the sausages straight while cooking. I would highly recommend this product."

Suzanne D

New Zealand


Try our recipes designed for the UPAN and 

Toad in the Hole

Classic Toad in the Hole with onion gravy

Bacon Wraps

Crisp bacon wrapped vegetables

Onion Gravy

Simple home made gravy to go with the Toad in the Hole

Fantastic product

On first use it cooked the sausages to perfection and more quickly. The ridges on the pan are the answer to the sausage lover's dilemma, to get the sausage cooked all round and this pan does it.

James D

United Kingdom

UPAN 101

Learn how to season your cast iron cookware

How to buy the best sausages

Our guide to buying the best sausages for your UPAN

Cooking in the UPAN 

Watch our video to learn how to get the best from your UPAN

Clean the UPAN

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Find out about new developments in the cast iron and sausage world

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1" 100 % Pure Bristle Pastry Brush

1" Pure Bristle Pastry Brush

When cooking with the UPAN and getting the best results we recommend the use of a 1”(24.5mm) natural bristle pastry brush, as they provide the best distribution of butter or oil and fit easily along the channels.

The design of the UPAN utilises all of the surfaces to cook the sausages, so making sure all the surfaces have an even coating when greasing the pan is essential in ensuring no split skins.

This also helps protect the surface of the seasoned cast iron and allows you to use the minimum amount of butter or oil needed.

Once you start using a pastry brush for oils and butter you always seem to find another use from basting chicken to oiling baked potato and roasting vegetables. They are great for getting great coverage with minimum butter or oil. For this reason we recommend buying them in pairs.

  • 100% pure bristles
  • Wooden handle 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sold in pairs if required


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