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UPAN Beeswax Cast Iron Seasoning

UPAN Beeswax Cast Iron Seasoning

Working with local Hawkes Bay bee apiarists Dee's Bees we have developed our own special blend of beeswax based cast iron seasoning. 

Beeswax is hydrophobic, meaning it repels water, unlike oil based seasoning which can absorb moisture and become sticky during long storage periods . Applying a thin coat to your cast iron skillet after use will maintain that non-stick seasoning you get with cast iron while repelling moisture during storage and preventing rust.

Made in New Zealand from 100% local ingredients, our seasoning supports local industries and is certified 100% organic.

By using beeswax when seasoning a cast iron pan, a thinner coat can be applied than when using oils so you can also avoid the smell and smoke created from using oil based products such as flaxseed oil or olive oil.

  • 100% Organic New Zealand Beeswax and Oils
  • Palm Oil Free
  • Supporting Local
  • Odour Free
  • High smoke point 204.4 C (400F) 

With care and good maintenance you will get a life time of use from your cast iron cookware

We recommend using beeswax for maintaining or repairing damaged cast iron fry pans and your UPAN. 

Follow the link below to see our recommendations on how to season and maintain your  cast iron

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